The Limited

diy starter kit $20,000 free shipping!

The DIY kits are designed to just get you started on your tiny home building journey.
All DIY kits come with the following and are non-customizable: 

Plans for model of choice, Custom built tiny home trailer, Lumber package which includes 2x4s for framing and roof trusses, 1/4in OSB for sheathing and roof decking, House wrap, Window tape membrane, White Dual pane windows with nail fin, Tar paper underlayment for roofing, All screws and nails for assembly

full build Starting At $55,000

1 bed · 1 bath · 200sq ft

The Limited is the smallest model that we offer but still has many first class comforts found in our other models. This floor plan is built on a 18ft trailer and includes an 8ft living room, galley kitchen, small bathroom, and a sleeping loft over the kitchen and bathroom. (Price as Pictured $ 69,000)